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Our story

We aim to disrupt the Language Services Industry

We're a marketplace for finding Accredited Interpreters and Translators, We need a lot of help making a conversion optimised landing page to direct our customers and traffic to use our services. In Australia, the UK and most English speaking countries there are Accreditation Government organisations such as NAATI and the ITI which are governing bodies that give language accreditation to interpreters and translators.

This gives them the ability to translate official legal documents such as Driver's licenses, birth certificates etc. We're are primarily aiming towards law firms and Immigration Agencies.

Our Thinking

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We connect you with over 13,000 NAATI certified professionals.

Founding Year

We have offered language service to thousands of customers ever since 2015.


We offer language service for over 261 languages from all over the world.

Who We Are

We help our clients’ by helping them get the right official documents for Immigration

Generally, an hour's Interpretation costs AUD 250 minimum and we're able to push down the cost to AUD 60 because we are a fully digital Interpreting and Translation Agency that takes a direct 10 per cent cut instead of charging a 300 per cent premium to pay for expensive First world staff in physical offices.

Most of our support staff will be overseas answering tickets on Hubspot. We have a geolocation-based search filter like Airbnb which helps find where the interpreters and Translators are physically with their language and qualifications etc.

We also have a fully online booking system with payments set up. We aim to disrupt and make the Interpreting and Translation industry more transparent and cheaper.